Saturday, December 5, 2009

Posty of Traditional trawling boat ~ Portugal

It was written at the backside of the card as "In the picture you u can see a traditional trawling boat. The boat is pushed by the men into the water and there is no motor. Then, when the fishermen come back, the nets are pulled by the fishermen and it's wife and also the ox's. It is called the "Arte xávega"

Thank you to Claninda, from Vagulina ~ A beach in the north of Portugal


  1. This is a most interesting post for me as I did not know anything about a trawling boat before now! Thanks for sharing this fantastic photo and story! Have a great day! Coralie

  2. Curious...why are there are Thai alphabets near the stamp.

  3. @ Coralie Cederna Johnson - glad you like my post :)

    @ SL Liew - it is Date Post mark which our Thai post man made it, so we know the delivery date.
    You have detail noticing eyes.

  4. I like the big yellow cheeses! Great MYM post.