Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Posty of Ruby Tuesday ~ Red Letter of Antwerpen

Just little part of red in this card, hope I still comply with today's meme.

Cathedral of Our Lady. This church was begun in the 14th century and finished in 1518. The church has four works by Rubens, viz. "The Descent from the Cross", "The Elevation of the Cross", "The Resurrection of Christ" and "The Assumption"

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  1. CafebyJW, This is a great Ruby Tuesday post! Nicely done! Happy Ruby Tuesday! And Happy Holidays! :)

  2. Nice post! It only takes a touch of red to fit in this meme, these are perfect.

  3. Fabulous postcard with beautiful church!

  4. what a beautiful postcard! thanks for sharing :)

    u may view mine here