Saturday, January 9, 2010

Posty of Hungry Dinosaurs

Thank you to Peace from USA, this is cute one from Palm Street California.

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  1. Hullo Tussy,

    In December 2009, I've sent you a beautiful postcard from India to your following address:

    My Tussy
    P. O. Box 11
    Bangkok 10604

    It has been 25-30 days since I sent the card to you, & the card has NOT been registered till now. I was wondering whether you have received my postcard & also worried if my card has got lost in the postal journey !

    I also see that you have NOT logged in to your Postcrossing account for last 1 month, which makes me worry about my postcard.

    Can I ask you for a help ? Can you please let me know whether you’ve received my card ? I can send you another card, if my previous card got lost.

    Thank You