Thursday, June 11, 2009

Posty of 1-2-call, Freedom to enjoy the world

I got this advertisement card from YO as you may already well know, she sent me big lot that time and I've not posted all as yet. I know many friends in Postcrossing doesn't fancy Ads card, but I like it though. Maybe I am in marketing career possibly, I think it is fascinating to know how other creatives communicate to their customers or how they present their BRAND to public.

This Ads could be very old, since it is introducing the Music 2 Gether. 1-2 call is pre-paid mobile system in Thailand, it is very convenient for everybody. For tourist too I am sure.


  1. Thank you for sharing your nice collection. Have a wonderfull day and feel free to swap with me some items.

  2. To buy postcards in Angola go to Livraria Lello in the dowtown. Thanks for the visit and comment.