Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Posty of Good Luck

Can I take this to be very private card, not ordinary postcard?
I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my time here. Thank you all for your support, patience, and friendship over the past year. You are a special group of people and I will definitely miss you.

Thank you for management's team, who give me huge opportunity as member of this company, without your given chance I would not be here and to get to know these nice people.

Special thanks to P. Phon & P. Tom who have been very patience with all trouble I used to create mistakenly, thanks for your kind help solving them all the time. You have given me lot of lesson not only in my professional.

Thanks to P. Jeab, my great sister, I will definitely miss you and I'm sure we will keep in touch. thanks to Luck & P. Chom who has helped and be such a good friends for all this time. You're like my cousin :)

For all my juniors, co-workers I was so happy working with your team, you are such as special group of friends. Even I didn't mention your name here, it doesn't mean I don't think of you. And other team member who left here before me, I do think of you still though!

A million thanks for this wish card to me, it is very special and I would keep it for a long time to come. That is the way I do with all my card.

Now it is my EXIT time :) Wish you guy all the best, like I do

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  1. Wow!!This card is cut and good card.I think u don't live office i mizz u.

    See u na ka.jub jub