Monday, March 30, 2009

St. Peter's Church, Switzerland

Card was written in Swiss as "St. Peter und Schipfe an der Limmat"

St. Peter's Church is the oldest church in Zürich; it stands close by the ruins of a late Roman fortress at the Lindenhof and its origings ga back to pre-900.

"Schipfe" is one of the oldest quarters of the city of Zurich. The name originates from the nautical term "schupfen" (push) used by the fishermen to describe how they pushed their boats to and from the river bank.

Content Credit to : City of Zurich

It is funny as YO bought this card in Zurich but she forgot my address, the she posted the card here in Bangkok on Nov 16, 2007. Thanks for her effort and caring.

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  1. know it's feel ashamed..indeed coz, I wanna send it from there..and I went to the post office expected to send it n' realize that..I forgot yr address!!
    Sorry pal, next time..will stick yr address with my any where i go:)